British Airways return to the North Coast

British Airways return to the North Coast

On the 22nd of February we got some very exciting news in that British Airways are considering starting flights from our local airport (Puerto Plata - POP) in October. The last direct flight to London must have been over ten years ago, and since then it has been a Herculean effort for any traveller to get back to the UK in under 24 hours.

On the down side, I'm sure that the fights will be monumentally expensive and might even involve a brief detour to another Caribbean country, but the prospect of arriving in the UK the morning after setting off, and no longer having to "burn" return tickets or wander aimlessly around European airports at 5.00am waiting for a lunchtime connection will most likely prove worth the extra cost.

If we can encourage Brits to jump on a 'plane and come over, then this side of the country should once again become a firm favourite with British holiday makers, and they're in for a surprise. Looking back; since direct flights from the UK ended much has changed. We have roads, electricity, proper supermarkets, a better police force (well a bit better), roadside recovery, a 911 service, broadband, better hotels, airbnb and much more to tempt travellers, but most of all we have the best beaches that you're ever likely to find if you're prepared to wander off the beaten track. I don't know of anywhere else where a short drive can take you to a sandy cove with perfectly clear water where you can sit back, on your own and enjoy the moment.

There is a new sense of optimism in the air. In the last couple of years people have discovered that with high speed internet they can work from anywhere in the World. The North Americans have already discovered that they can come down and mix business and pleasure. Maybe it's time for the Brits to put in an appearance? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will actually happen and before the end of the year we can invite friends and family back to visit (so long as they bring Marmite and Monster Munch).

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